the Hub City of Yeongnam Tour in the southern region of Korea

Daegu, the city with long history having inherited the culture of Silla and Gaya as well as blossoming out righteous Confucian culture in Gyeongsang Province. Please experience real taste of traveling for seeing, enjoying, and feeling in Daegu, filled with attractions to see, amusement to enjoy, and food to taste.


Donghwasa TempleThe temple was once used as the head-quarters of the monk troops who fought against Hideyoshi’s Invasion.

Daegu HyanggyoDaegu Hyanggyo was established at Budong-ru(present Gyo-dong) in 1398(the 7th year of King Taejo-s reign), but destructed in 1592(the 25th year of King Seonjo) due to the Korea-Japan War.

GatbawiGatbawi is a stone Buddha, with a flat stone on his head, sitting on top of Gwangbong Peak which is 850m above sea level You can reach the top of the peak if you follow the stone steps for an hour from the Gatbawi Restaurant District


Gyeongsang-gamyeong ParkThe first site of Gyeongsang-gamyeong(Gyeongsang Provincial Govermor's office) in Daegu which was moved to this place 400years ago. This park was built in the name of the Jung-ang Park in 1970.

Dalseong ParkThe oldest park in Daegu, this park was built on an ancient site of an artificial earthen mound fortress which had been the capital of 'Dalgubeol', the tribal state of the ancient Daegu area.

Suseong ResortSuseong Resort District is a pond surrounded by trees, benches and promenade. Around the resort, you can find a ferryboat dock, an amusement park and other facilities.


Daegu culture and arts centerDaegu culture and arts center, located near Duryu park, Dalseo-gu, is a vivid space in which local artists are pouring their creative power through events and exhibitions.

Daegu Opera HouseWhich is a performance hall just for opera, represent the present status of Daegu's high regard for cultural arts.

Daegu National MuseumDaegu National Museum, with one story below and two stories above ground, lies within Beomeo Park at Hwanggeum-dong, Suseong-gu District. It may be small in size, but it is not in terms of its possessions or display facilities.

Daegu StadiumCompleted in May, 2001. Daegu Stadium is the largest in the country with 65,857 seats in the main stadium and 2,500 seats in the secondary stadium within the Daegu Grand Park.


Spa ValleySpa Valley is the only family-oriented water park resort in Daegu where you can enjoy water rides and a spa at the same place.

E-WorldThis is the representing theme park of Daegu. Around the 202m high Daegu Tower, there are several amusement facilities, performance spaces, a cultural center, and restaurants at the E-World(Woobang Land).

HURBHILLZHURBHILLZ is a fun-filled ecological theme park composed of an Herb Garden, ZooZoo Land, Tarzan Hills, an adventure park, and other attractions.


Daegu City TourDaegu City Tour is the quickest, most conveniet wayfor visitors explore tourist affractions of Daegu. You can learn history and culture by visiting city's major tourist destinations and industrial spots.

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