Supports for Participants

  • 01Up-to-date information
  • 02Domestic and international PR
  • 03Business lounge
  • 04Free shuttle service
  • 05Interpreters
  • 06Official invitation letters
  1. 01

    Up-to-date information

    • Organize trend seminars : twice in Seoul and twice in Daegu
    • Share textile information via e-newsletter
      *Please go to for seminar schedule
  2. 02

    Domestic and
    international PR

    • Expand international PR via expert textile and fashion media from China, Japan, Europe and US
    • Send e-newsletters incorporating database from key institutes and technical journals
    • Promote participants and their products to potential buyers by sending e-newsletter periodically
    • Invite potential buyers from US, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, and more
  3. 03

    Business lounge

    • Business lounge for participants and potential buyers
  4. 04

    Free shuttle service

    • Transportation from and to airport, hotel, and EXCO for the duration of the event
  5. 05


    • Allocate English, Japanese and Chinese interpreters onsite in aim of support for business meetings
  6. 06

    Official invitation letters

    • For distribution to customers and buyers (in English, Japanese, and Chinese)
      *For applying companies only, until running out