Supports for Participants

  1. 01

    Online exhibitions and promotion services for businesses

    • E-marketplace for offering consultation all year round through posting detailed information, photos and videos on major products of participating companies
  2. 02

    Contactless online conference

    • One-on-One contactless online consultation by matching buyers from foreign markets
  3. 03

    Provision of trend and up-to-date information

    • 2022 S/S trends are by hosting Seoul/Daegu Trend seminars
      ※ Schedule of seminars is to be posted on the website (
    • Offer textile information by sending e-newsletters
  4. 04

    Live PID broadcast supporting Real-time PR (SNS/newsletter)

    • Provision of real-time information by the means of live PID broadcast varying from exhibition hall sketch to interviews with participating companies and buyers
    • E-newsletters making use of database from major relevant institutions and technical journals
    • E-newsletters sent to introduce participating businesses and products encouraging buyers’ interest and consultation service
    • Intensive promotion of participating businesses on SNS
  5. 05

    Interpretation Service

    • Consulting service in English, Japanese, and Chinese within the exhibition halls
  6. 06

    Free Shuttle Bus Service

    • Transportation from and to airport, hotel, and EXCO for the duration of the event
  7. 07

    Business lounge Service

    • A lounge service for pre-matching business consultation between participating companies and buyers